How to Start Freelance Writing with No Experience

by bkosko
How to Start Freelance Writing with No Experience

Are you interested in learning how to start freelance writing with no experience? Well, then you are in the right place.

What is a Freelance Writer?

The key job of a freelance writer is to write the content that your customers need. That may sound simple, but there are big differences in writing, preparation, content areas, and related jobs for creating that content. People pay freelance writers to make everything from novels to books to articles, site pages, posts for social media, news articles, and in-depth reports.

You may work mainly on content created in a word processor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, or you could work within a CMS like WordPress. If you post social content, you might do it directly on a service like Facebook or Twitter, or use social media planning tools to make a big set of content at once and schedule it to go out later.

The Advantages of Freelance Writing

Control over your projects: You can pick and select projects, pitch topics you are passionate about, and say no to assignments you are not interested in writing.

Flexible rates: Set your own rates and replace them whenever you need to.

No ceiling: How you work and develop as a freelancer is fully up to you.  You can run this as a part-time job or create a full-fledged writing business if you want.

Minimal equipment needed: All you need is online access and a computer and you are best to go.

Flexibility in how and where you work: You are not bound by place or rules when freelance writing. You can work in whatever manner.

Low barrier to entry:  You don’t need a specialized certification, degree, or even years of experience to become a freelance writer. You just need a good work ethic and perfect writing chops.

Let’s take a look at how you can start your dream writing career with no experience.

Decide what you want to write

The primary step to becoming a freelance writer is what type of writing you want to do.

There are many forms of freelancing:

·         Blogger

·         Copywriter/web content writer

·         News writer/journalist

It can help to define your voice if you have a particular area of expertise. Perhaps something related to your education, a line of work you are familiar with, or a specific hobby or interest. This will help you narrow down your lines of work.

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How to Start Freelance Writing with No Experience

Create a site

Successful freelance writers almost always have a blog or site where potential customers can see their portfolio. Writing your own blog is one way to present your writing talent and style. You can set up a site or blog for free via WordPress. And they have a lot of remarkable themes that you can buy and personalize.

Find your ideal client

Finding your freelance writing niche is vital. However, this step goes hand-in-hand with finding the type of client you want to write for. You will likely begin by writing for smaller publications, businesses, or even other bloggers. But the aim should ultimately be to move up to better-paying, established customers.

You might be shocked at the big number of firms that hire freelance writers.  Here are other examples:

·         Big corporations

·         Little business owners who need blog posts

·         Online businesses

·         Magazines that want fresh content

·         Non-profit organizations

·         Start-up firms who are building their internet presence

·         Busy professionals who need help

Create a portfolio

Even if you have no published works, it is vital to have a professional and attractive-looking portfolio with a link from your social media sites and profiles. It is the shop front for your freelance business.

While you are still waiting to get customers, write samples of different types of content to present your expertise. When you have new work published, make sure you include it in your portfolio as soon as possible.

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Invest in social media

At the very least, an expert social media presence shows customers you are a real person in the impersonal, weird online world we are all trying to work in.

Luckily, starting professional social media accounts is fully free and you are probably building them anyway if you are a blogger. If you are not a blogger, just ensure you set up separate accounts from your personal accounts and then take steps to grow your following.

For example, you can build followers by including your social media handles in your professional writing portfolio, by following others in your niche, and by sharing their pages when you can.

Invest in yourself

Even though you will be writing for a long time, this does not mean that you should not seek to better your expertise in your free time. Actually, it is quite easy for freelance writers to stagnate if they are continually writing about the same topics and never learn new things.

Ways that you can better your writing capabilities include taking internet courses, enrolling at a domestic community college, or even visiting a writing workshop.

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Set realistic goals

Setting freelance writing goals is very important to stay motivated and accountable. Beyond money matters, always keep in mind the reasons for becoming a freelance writer. What are your ideal clients? What do you want to write about? How many hours do you want to work per week? What type of lifestyle do you want to have?

Think about what you want to get within the year, and then plan your goals by quarter and month. For example, if you want to earn $10,000 from freelance writing within a year, you will need to earn $3,500 a quarter.

To keep your expectations in check, set goals that go with the smart format, meaning they are measurable, specific, realistic, achievable, and timely.

Start writing today with no experience

Becoming a freelance writer takes hard work and practice, but it becomes easier after passing time and can be a high-paying freelance career for any person willing to put in the work.

To begin, get your writing capability up to a high level, and then go land your first customer through the steps mentioned above. Everything else will become simple after that, and you will gradually build your writing portfolio, your internet presence, and your confidence as you pitch, close, and deliver more freelance writing jobs.

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